Who We Are

We love the Space Coast community! As we have seen and experienced the beauty of this coastal family we have also come to know the deepest hurts and struggles. That is why we are committed to compassionate care and healing counseling practices. We are here to journey with you through the hardest parts of life. There is hope.


The mission of Restoration Counseling Space Coast is to provide high quality mental health counseling services to all individuals and families in the Space Coast. Restoration Counseling Space Coast is passionate about providing evidence-based practices by a team of therapists who take their Christian faith seriously and believe in providing quality care to all people.


Quality counseling.
We believe in offering treatment methods that have been tested and proven to be effective for your specific life difficultes. You can trust that your therapist is trained in effective counseling techniques to help you live a happy, healthy, and purposeful life.

Safe and compassionate.
We believe that a feeling of safety and compassion are essential for every person that walks in the door needing help and care. Trust is earned, and if you need time before you are ready to go to the hardest parts of your story, you can have it. You matter, your stories matter, and you are safe here.

Cost accessible.
We believe in providing counseling to the entire Space Coast community, so that no one is left out. We are partnering with local organizations and individuals who believe in the same vision and want to see our community uplifted by accessible counseling that restores individuals, marriages, and families.

Followers of Christ.
We are a team of therapists who believe we are all broken, and we have personally experienced the redemptive love of Jesus Christ. We believe that God created each individual person with inherent value and honor. This value motivates us to sit with you, no matter who you are or what you struggle with, and offer compassion, hope, and healing. We are honored to offer Christian focused therapy for anyone who seeks for their faith to be integrated into the counseling process.

Our Approach

We are a mental and emotional health counseling practice that serves the Space Coast community. For those clients who do not live in the Space Coast area, we offer telephone and web-based video counseling. We work with men, women, couples, and adolescents to provide individual counseling, couples counseling, family counseling, and group counseling.

We provide evidence-based counseling, which means we use techniques and tools that are backed by science and proven to effectively treat a variety of specific mental health issues. Our approach is integrative, blending techniques from several counseling models to custom tailor therapy to meet your individual needs. We know that most of our issues have deep roots and that quick fixes don’t often last. We will walk with you through the heart of your issues and help you find lasting healing and wholeness.

While we implement secular science-backed therapy, we come from a distinctly Christian perspective and believe that every person has inherent value and dignity. We are honored to integrate Christian based counseling into treatment for any client who requests it.