We are here to help, heal, and walk with you
through the hardest parts of life.
It is an honor to walk beside you.

We are passionate about serving the Space Coast community

We have partnered with the local Church and other organizations in our community to make quality counseling accessible for all individuals and families who are hurting. These partnerships enable us to provide a sliding scale rate for services when needed.


Safe and collaborative. Designed to meet your specific counseling needs.


Relationships are hard. Counseling will work towards healing and connection within your most important relationships.


You are not alone. Group therapy is designed for people who are going through similar experiences and can offer a non-judgmental place to process the hardest parts of life.

About Us

We are honored to provide compassionate, quality mental health counseling to the Space Coast community.


Our therapy is specifically designed to meet your individual counseling needs. We offer evidence-based therapies so you can trust you are recieving the best care.

Our Team

We are a beautiful team of compassionate and caring people. We are all licensed and trained to provide specialized, quality care.

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You can request an appointment now to get on our waitlist and start seeing a counselor as soon as we open.